About Us

Company Over view
Adonai General Supplies Limited specializes in the provision of cost effective products and services ranging from electronics products and accessories, supply of food stuffs, beverages, office automations, and stationeries among others all over Tanzania.
We focus on delivering high-impact solutions that incorporate customized functionality specific to the client's requirements.

The combination of thorough process, comprehensive experience and expansive creative vision enables us to provide services and products that are innovative, usable and reliable.
Adonai General Supplies Limited was established in response to the growing market demand for high quality innovative solutions at affordable prices.

Our commitment to refining the development has allowed us to introduce a wide range of products as well as customized solutions that enable businesses to simplify their operations.
With business experience and an ongoing relationship with well established companies, our staffs have worked with business leading companies to acquire an in depth understanding of the latest technologies and processes.

Our Legal status
Adonai General Supplies Limited is a limited company and it holds a certificate of incorporation No. 65255 valid trading license No. B 01017910 issued by Ilala Municipal Council and a Taxpayer.
Identification Number (TIN) No. 107-688-285 and VRN 40-002945-K

Our Team
Adonai General Supplies Limited strives to employ personnel of skill, integrity and enthusiasm, and provide them with the opportunities to be exposed to different technological challenges.
Armed with this unique combination of strengths, we are confident that we can supply any product and services required by our customers.
Our personnel have the strong technical background and relevant work experience to meet the customers' expectations.

Company's Key Personnel

Kitio, Greyson Elison (General Manager) Damian Toke (Acountant)
Msamba, Haji Ally (Sales Manager) Mzwalandili, Nicodemas Claud (Zone Manager)
Moyo, Stella Paulo (Sales) Seleman, Hamis Ali (Sales Representative)
Shoo, Emmanuel S. (Registry Officer) Nkondola, William E.B (Sales Representative)
Ruhinya, Prisca James (Office Attendant) Maganga, Raymond B. (I.T Adminstrator)


Oscar Shoo
Mrs. Cyrilla Oscar Shoo
Focus Lugoye
Oscar J. Shoo
Executive director
Mrs. Cyrilla Oscar Shoo
Focus Lugoye
M/S Syone Kiongosya

We shower all our praise to God the Almighty with His grace has enabled Adonai General Supplies Limited to achieve such invaluable achievements to the benefits of its stakeholders.
Within a very short time, Adonai General Supplies Limited has been able to become among the best companies in Tanzania and its surroundings.

The company is committed to continuous development of competence in an endeavor to evaluate and sustaining competitiveness at national and international level.
This will be accomplished through standardization of technology application, and in the management of industrial grade products and service production.
As a business organization Adonai General Supplies Limited has the ambition to become a leader in business in counterpoised by immense responsibility of actively participating in the development of the community.
That is indeed our vision. We want to become a vital player in the advancement of business opportunities in Tanzania.

Oscar Johnson Shoo
Executive Director